Using Vue.JS frontend technology to develop scalable, robust and highly optimized applications.

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CriiSys is a renowned name in building applications using Vue.js frontend technology. We help enterprises and large scale organizations in developing real time and dynamic applications with Vue.js, which is incrementally adoptable due to its integration capabilities with other JavaScript libraries. Based on MVVM architectural pattern, the library of Vue.js is focused on the view layer. We at Hidden Brains, take advantage of modern tooling, supporting libraries, server-side rendering, streaming and component-level caching capabilities of Vue.js for building flawless and high performing applications.

Using Vue.js progressive JavaScript framework for building high performing real time applications.

Key Features


Applications built using Vue.js are super-fast and scalable enough to handle large datasets and high concurrency requests at the same time.


Vue.js technology thrives in an incrementally adoptable ecosystem that scales between a library and a full-featured framework.

Full Stack Development

This technology allows for full stack development with its versatility, minimal core and incrementally adoptable tech stack to handle apps of all size and complexity.

Let's present the Future

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